Full Time Professional Dj Darren Jewell

And Something Special For:

Weddings-Small Corporate Events Sound & Lighting System

DJ Darren Jewell & My Own Unique Show Pictured,

Only Available To Book Directly From This Website.

We Also Have A Small-Room Industry Standard Disco Not Shown On Our Website, Because My Own Show Pictured Is A Far Higher Standard. 

Office Telephone: 01934 613644, or Mob:07792123767.

Email: disco-somerset@btconnect.com 

Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Avon, Devon, South-Wales, Wiltshire & Somerset.

Our Dj Booth Can Be Black, Or White.

If You Get The Main Things Right To Do The Job Correctly You Won't Waste Money.

We Want To Amaze You And Your Guests, All Night.

Small Touring Event-System (Incorporates Harman Professional & Nexo Standard Equipment).

Why We Are Very Different As Not A Sales Orientated Company.

Always saying how things are... and will work with you to get the results you want.

The wedding industry today has become a fine tuned machine marketed to make you spend as much money as possible,

claiming you need to buy/hire things or package deals... usually is the worst deal as it makes the venue/companies the most profit,

and lowers standards as its just a "tick-box" on the basic things needed, as just meets a bare minimum standard  now as just stripped for profit as not what is best for you.

Also you were led to believe the things you never thought about you must have to be normal, or what everyone has today? 

This makes them the most profit & usually has a negative impact on your celebration.

Avoid wedding fairs, social-media, and magazines as its just aggressive sales tactics on things you don't need.

Helpful tips: The more entertainment you have at one time will thin your guests out so you loose a good atmosphere, so try to keep everyone together on one room all the time. At night make sure the lights can dim, & nothing in the room that is too bright e.g. Love letters, 100's of fairy lights, in the daytime this all looks pretty but at night its still bright daylight?

Make sure the music & lighting is suitable for your venue, how many guests dancing, can the disco lighting do romanic & peak-party moods?

Music must be heard above people talking so if you have allot of guests, larger room-high ceilings, or your guests are noisy after a drink?

Make sure your disco/band has a high enough decibel output (that can keep quality sound at all volumes, from warm-up to peak-party), 

and your venue has no noise restrictions as most do today & are very misleading... e.g. the wedding fair had only 30 people in the room,

but your booking will have over 150 people in the room trying to talk over each other, so that without a disco/band will trip the venue noise limiter so the power to the disco/band will be turned off  (or the music will have to be ear- screeching tinny, so gusts will go home).  

Just have what you & your family-guests would like so all can celebrate with you!

Investigate everything you are led to believe, and just get the main things you need to do things perfectly in reality-don't fall for gimmicks.

1.You Book Me As Your Professional Dj, As Dj'ing And Disco/Events Is My Only Income (not a part-time hobbyist).

2. We Do Not Charge More For Large Room, Or Larger Dance Area Equipment - No Extra Charge.

Our Disco Can Do Large Ballrooms & Small Venues 30-300+ Guests. Most discos are aimed at small rooms or 50 people dancing max.

What gets overlooked is most people think 2 speakers & 2 flashing lights will do any size room, and keep the same quality? No It Does Not.

By thinking the above you will most probably be miss-sold a package deal with far more expensive other entertainments added to compensate,

or a hobbyist blagger saying they are the best at everything and  will do it cheaper... Del-boy & Rodney? (best at misleading you / fake likes facebook Dj).

Some companies might say they use ample disco speakers &  lighting = In reality it's only meant for very tiny rooms, that does not mean its good...?

People think wedding discos are bad because they have only seen bad ones: Only around 2% of Dj's today are full time professional as there only income.

Most weddings disco's are hobbyists saying "they are the best & perfect in every way" but in reality they are not a full-time and dedicated to the job disco,

as they have a day job & family commitments taking up the time they should be spending maintaining standards with the disco/Dj'ing & preparation work.

Hobbyists are cheaper as they only work when they want a bit extra money to top up their day job/holiday £, but will they turn up or do as you have asked?

They do not need to plan for the future as they can walk away at any time, so things professionals have to pay for or have back-ups get overlooked...

e.g. we have a complete spare disco, and everything is P.A.T. , P.L.I. and we keep everything legal (music/non-steaming & all insurances).

Most hobbyists work for agencies / Please read number Ten.

Distancing ourselves away from the 98% of Wedding Dj's/hobbyists, as they have consistantly fallen short of our standards & back-up's needed (blaggers).

3. Always Meeting Clients To Discuss Your, And Your Venues Needs If You Require - No Extra Charge.

4. Our Own Show Constantly Adapts In Music volume, And Lighting To Suit Your Needs, Party Mood, Or Venue Size. We have Great Pride In The Quality Of Equipment We Use, & Have Programmed.

Please Ask Us For Full Specifications.

5. You can always select the music you want or don't want to hear,

or let us use our skill so everyone can celebrate with you.

6. P.L.I. (Musicians Union), And P.A.T. (Independent electrician).

Please see our documents using the "P.A.T." link on this page.

7. Completely Unbranded, & We do not show client testimonials as personal information between clients & myself (GDPR).

8. Includes Ten Wireless Intelligent Battery Powered, Full Colour Mood-Uplighting As Standard - No Extra Charge.

Also the use of a themed monogram is included if you require this e.g. Love, Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs, & Mr & Mr (Please ask us before booking).

9. Euro 6 Medium Sized Van.

10. Why Pay Hidden Agent Commission/Cut, We Do Not Pay Or Give "Kick Backs" To Venue's That Recommended Us.

The above could add 30-40% hidden into what you pay. You only pay me so maintaining our standard, as not subcontracting out you're booking to a lower grade cheaper disco/Dj  only to pay agent fees & venue kick-backs (and paid to block other companies working in your venue) 30-40% etc. 

Often the subcontractor the agent chooses sells on the booking again to a cheaper Dj that pretends to be the original subcontractor, this is common practice today (this even happens in reputable companies).

Not paying/entering wedding awards as they can mislead you the way the information is used, and not paying to attend wedding fairs/marketing companies so you spend more, often the thing you see/want is deliberately not available as only used to draw you in to buying other things that cost more overall.

We are fully independent so you don't pay allot of money for a struggling "industry standard disco" marketed as special to pay for the above,

then sell you more things you do not need...? Companies are not helping you saying they will sort everything out for you, as they make allot of money.

With www.disco-somerset.com We Are Fully Independent So You Get A Genuinely Special Disco And Service For Your Special Day,

And Always Myself Darren Jewell As Your Dj.

Frequently Worked Venues:

The Roman Baths & The Pump Room Restaurant, The Assembly Room's (Bath), Brympton House (Yeovil).

Dj Darren Jewell.

Average Price Guide:

This Is With Myself Darren Jewell Dj'ing, And Always Our Best Equipment.

Please contact us to discuss how you would like things done.

Below Are Some Extra Services Available To Hire With Our Disco, If You Require Them?

Note: We will only let you have our extra services if they will complement your booking.

Usually what happens with other companies is you get a small room disco, so not suitable for larger room's, or dance floors (more than 50 people dancing), 

but the disco is cheap, The company knowing the small room disco would struggle they sell you other more added expensive entertainments/packages.

Miss-selling in the wedding industry is very common as they have sales targets/commission.

If you get the core things right to do the job correctly you won't waste money!

Booked with our disco are well priced, as the disco-show is the main entertainment.

Usually Supplied 5-6 p.m. before the disco sets up, and packed away when your disco finishes at midnight - Outside theses times please ask us?

1. Giant White Light Up Love Letters (at night the lights only are bright enough to subtly light the letters, & not your room).

2. Garden After Ceremony, or ceremony, Speech System Battery Powered Speaker (Outdoor Picture, we also have another system).

3. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered Computer Controlled - Included With disco-somerset.com

4. The Novelty Vintage Selfie Photo-Pod Clock

It can do "invisible" green-screen you just need to send us a picture you want as the background, if you wish to use that feature. 

To be honest we think booths are a complete waste of money... Why we have our novelty clock that won't break your bank account, & you won't cry if very few use it.

We admit the "selfie culture" is not our thing, but most photo booth companies charge £400 for just a few hours, that only a small amount of guests use?

or do a disco-photo booth deal usually to compensate for an unfitting-cheap & tacky hobbyist disco. Some charge extra for more prints or picture downloads.

Our novelty Selfie clock just emails your pictures via EE mobile network.

We know some people like selfies so hence we have something that blends into your venue as its an old grandmother clock.

(not a Black/White supermarket foyer booth, or something that looks like a car park pay station) 

p.s. I don't understand candy-carts as you give children food & drink, but then give them a massive sugar "e" number hit to make them hyperactive,

so then they misbehave & have to go home early with pairents now? same for any children's large outdoor games e.g. bouncy castle, as older guests after a drink only damage themselves...

The e.g. Bride & Groom are worried about their guests as have hired costly unfitting entertainments, or trying to get guests to use all the entertainments/waste of £, but the guests don't want to so go home early... The e.g. Bride & Groom should be enjoying their day!

5. Record Turntables That Can Play All Your Favourite Songs (White or Black Vinyl Records).

We can also put together full entertainment packages unique to you from after your ceremony, until the end of the night.

Reregistered Sole Trader DJ Darren Jewell


Weston-Super-Mare. Office: 01934 613644, or 07792123767.

Email: disco-somerset@btconnect.com 


When clients have booked they will receive our full business address information, for security reasons only.

Privacy Policy:

All information given to us will be only used by us on your instruction.

After you're booking it will be deleted/shredded (or given back to you at the end of the night).

It is your Wedding so we never take pictures of you, or your guests.

We never contact you to gain extra sales, or contact you after your event/extra future sales, or share your information. 


Dj Darren Jewell & Ally Gilbert


Office Telephone: 01934 613644, or 07792123767.

Email: disco-somerset@btconnect.com 


When clients have booked they will receive our full business address information, for security reasons only.

We Travel All Over The Map Below.